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Sue and horses

Client Testimonials

There are not enough words to describe the numerous talents of Sue Hopple.  She has given us clarity and answers to more situations and illnesses than I can describe. One of Sue’s amazing moments for us was when we called Sue to and asked her  to help us say good-bye to our older dog because we thought she had reached a point of no return.  Sue immediately told us to stop saying good-bye to her.  She was not ready to go and to get her to the vet immediately.  She was bleeding internally and if we did not go quickly we would lose her.  Two years later she was still with us thanks for Sue saving her life.   The list goes on and on, of amazing stories with our animals and how Sue has helped us, worked through situations and questions with our animals.  Sue helped us identify why our dog was having such issues when children approached.  Sue was able to identify that young children had thrown rocks at him when he was a puppy while in the yard.  When questioning neighbor children, they admitted that this was true but they did not realize the damage they had done.  Sue’s insight allowed us to work with our dog and children so that his fears were no longer a problem.   
Sue helped us as we were trying to determine if we were placing our puppies in the right homes.  She was able to give us accurate and honest insight as to where our puppies were best suited.  She pin pointed details about each of the puppies and the families.  It has been fascinating to see how she was right about each one.  I have referred Sue Hopple to so many people through the years.  Of course those referrals were amazed and referred her to many more people, that were amazed and so on.  I have relied on Sue for many, many years for her communication abilities and insight with our animals.  She is honest, accurate and has the ability to see far beyond what is obvious and into the world where we can’t see with clarity. Sue is warm-hearted, sincere, kind and inspirational.   Sue has helped me to learn how our actions and thinking impact everything in our lives.  Sue has taught me through my animals how our actions and thoughts impact every aspect of our life.  Both my animals and me are better because of Sue.   Thank you for all the gifts!
We had never left our animals alone with anyone but us.  My husband and I had always scheduled our business trips so that one of us was here.  Well, the time came that our scheduling did not work out as we had hoped.  We were going to have to leave our furry family with someone else at home to watch over them.  Sue was able to check in on them in our absence and give us peace of mind that they were doing great.  It was only us that were having issues with the separation.  We were able to complete our business and come home to find  that everything was just as Sue said it would be.  What would we do without you, ?  You always see clearly into things that we can’t see so clearly ourselves.
Karen L., Overland Park, Kansas

In 5 1/2 years, Sue has laid to rest so many fears I could never count them all.  I had a 7 week old puppy, deathly ill.  I rushed her to a large animal hospital and was told she probably had Parvo and might not make it.  I called Sue from the examining room and she said, “No,” and told me what to have them check for.  I quit shaking and crying, and the next day was told what Sue had already said.  No Parvo, and my puppy was healthy and fine.  When my animals get sick, I call or e-mail Sue and then call the vet.  My animals here and beyond love her as much as I do.
I was having a litter of puppies and had Sue check in with Mom and babies frequently.  I asked the number and sex, “7 puppies - 4 girls, 3 boys.”  Mom had a C-section and the vets said, “6 puppies.”  I asked if they were sure, and then the 7th was then pulled out.  4 girls, 3 boys.  A person in the office asked how I knew how many different colors of rick-rack to bring (7).  My friends and I just smiled.  Sue is part of our Universe and is loved by my animals, here and beyond as much as me.
A devoted animal lover,
Carolyn B., Colorado

Dear Sue,
Thank you again for all your help.  My clients and I really appreciate it.  I have learned to look at the animals around me in a whole new light and realize we can communicate if we "listen."   

All my best,   cat
Stephanie F., DVM, California

When I discovered that my cat had fallen into a coma without warning one Saturday night, I was able to talk with Sue while a friend drove us both to the Emergency Vet Clinic.  She told me that my cat was ready to cross over, and did not want to have anyone cut on her or try to save her life.  She wanted to die with dignity, and with her beautiful body intact. This made my decisions much easier later that evening, and I was able to say goodbye to her at the Emergency Clinic without the trauma of invasive measures that would not have saved her, and would have disrespected the way in which she wanted to leave.  Thank you, Sue, for helping us both to navigate that situation with love and grace. 

Cheryl G., Colorado

I don’t go out of town very often, but needed to be in the hospital to have both my knees replaced.  My dogs, not used to being separated from me, had to be in a kennel for three weeks.  Because Sue was able to talk with both of them everyday to ease their stress and to let them know I would soon be returning, they were far less traumatized by the situation.  I, too, was a lot less stressed and worried because I was able to receive reports from Sue about how they were doing, and made a faster recovery because of it.  She made a difficult situation a lot easier for me, and for them, too.  Thank you, Sue!

Lois R., Missouri
I am a dog breeder and have talked to Sue two times regarding my dogs.  I breed miniature dachshunds and my first call to her was regarding a female that was pregnant.  Sue told me how many and what sex the pups would be and she was exactly right.  She even told me the order they would be born.  I was concerned with my dog’s back and she reassured me that it was fine.  We ended up going into readings on my other dogs which I totally enjoyed.  She was right on in describing their personalities. 
My second call to Sue wasn’t as pleasant for me as one of my dogs had cancer.  Through Sue, I was able to connect to this very well loved pet of 15 years and we were able to say what was in our hearts and to tell her goodbye.  We lost her that same night.  Sue’s understanding and compassion was absolutely wonderful and she helped both myself and my daughter.  We also talked to Sue about my daughter’s dogs and, again, she was spot on with the personalities.  My daughter’s dogs have some issues and Sue gave her some ideas which she has implemented and they are working. 
I will absolutely call Sue again and again!  It is a great experience and it’s so nice to hear from my dogs!!! 
Lin W., Highlands Ranch, Colorado