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Sue and horses

What to Expect in Animal Readings...

Dialogues With The Animals

Have you ever wanted to understand why your cat prefers to sleep in a certain place, why your dog will not eat certain foods or seems fearful of riding in the car, or whether your beloved rabbit is in pain? Have you ever wanted to have a conversation with your beloved animal companions, to learn more about how they feel, and what could make their life more vibrant?  Have you been interested in the learning more about the art of animal communication, but felt unsure about whom to call or contact? 

Meet Sue Hopple, a skilled animal communicator with a deep love for animals of all species!

Sue is well-regarded for her ability to talk with both domestic and wild animals, such as horses, buffalo, dogs, cats, birds, bears, coyotes, rabbits, turtles, foxes, tarantulas and rodents.  She works with human companions, veterinarians and animal caretakers to help them to understand how animals are feeling, to assist with behavior problems, health issues, assist in the dying process, and can help animals who are new to a home. Sue also works with animal rescue groups to help relieve the anxiety of animals that are in a foster or group situation. 

Many people work with Sue simply to know their animals better, and to help give them an improved quality of life.  Others call upon Sue’s considerable animal communication skills to help with the search for a lost animal. To read testimonials about Sue’s work, click here.

Sue’s upcoming column, “Animal Dialogues” will be featured regularly at Satiama. Sue will also offer live workshops, web events and webcasts on topics related to animal communication.  To receive email alerts about the latest posting of Sue’s upcoming column or to receive a notice about an upcoming workshop, podcast or future events about animal communication, click here

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Lost animal Services...

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